CEO's Greeting

A venture capital that ensures the symbiosis of customers and the company by maximizing customer value


We deeply appreciate your visit to the website of ISU Venture Capital Co., Ltd.

Our company was founded in March 2000. The company has continuously upgraded its competency and status by racking up excellent achievements in investment with richly experienced professionals and its experience in diverse-ranging investments. Especially, as the first-generation venture capital that leads the investment in cultural content, the company is registering excellent investment performance, thus contributing to growth shared with related industries. Besides, as a reliable partner that discovers and helps promising SME ventures with growth potential, the company keeps piling up its successes.

The essence of the investment we pursue lies in maximizing customer value and ensuring long-term symbiosis of customer and our company. Looking ahead, we promise that we will focus our skills and resources on realizing higher value for our precious companions and customers such as the South Korean government, financial industry, total media groups, and individual investors all the while exploring differentiated investment strategy and opportunity.

Building on the ISU Group's three core values of sincerity, initiative, and customer satisfaction, ISU Venture Capital will put in ceaseless effort to make a trend-setter in future global investment. We look forward to your unchanging attention and support. Thank you.

CEOHongkyu Chung