• Submitting Project Proposals
    01Submitting Project Proposals
    Please email or mail to us your project proposal which includes company introduction, market and competitor analysis, product analysis, financial status and required funding, current workforce etc.
  • Reviewing project proposal and meeting with the reviewer
    02Reviewing project proposal and meeting with the reviewer
    Investment Team analyzes project proposals and has meetings with candidate companies before it decides whether to hold business project presentations.
  • Business Project Presentation
    03Business Project Presentation
    A business project presentation is attended by the top management and Investment Team of ISU Venture Capital who will analyze the candidate company.
  • Investment Review Committee
    04Investment Review Committee
    Investment Review Committee will decide whether to invest or not.
  • Investment Execution
    05Investment Execution
    Following an investment review, an agreement is signed to execute the investment.
  • Investment Inquiries